Help me make the decision ... twin or single diesel?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by piperca, Apr 1, 2009.

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    When you follow the application rules / schemes, provided by the supplier / manufacturer, it is no black magic to get a perfect surface. Then again do as the coating mfg tells you in the application manual and tataaa.. it works.

    Apply a double coat of primer before you build up the Ep tar or whatever coat you have in mind. A single coat primer is insufficient! (I apply three primer coats of 50ยต)

    The main prob with all these materials is, that the homebuilder (and some self proclaimed Professionals) try to cut corners and apply insufficient methods and / or materials to save some pennies.

    Btw. Armaflex AF is the foam you should use, when you use foam!

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    Single Diesel.


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    Thank you, very informative!

    While pondering, I did think of an alternative that might keep Mark happy (no foam, LOL).

    If I were to make saddles/straps that are about 3-4 inches wide and made of 1/4" stock. The saddles/straps would follow the contour of the tank and attach to the top of the stringers using bolts ... something like this:


    I would line the saddles/straps with 1/4" starboard (blue area in drawing), dadoed out to 1/8", to overlay on the saddle/strap to isolate it from the tank. The tank would be suspended by the saddles/straps off the hull of the boat. Tabs made of angle, welded to the sides of the tank, would secure the tanks to the tops of the stringers. I was thinking 3 of these saddles/straps would be adequate along the length of the tank (36").

    What do you think? Would the aluminum saddle/strap be strong enough to support approximately 700lbs (tank plus contents)?
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