Help Me finalize my grad school.

Discussion in 'Education' started by tea_floss, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Hi everyone I'm an Indian student.I have bachelors degree in marine Engineering and 6+ months of professional experience (Will be 1 year of experience when the course starts in august) in drydock as a production engineer.

    I have been accepted at the following universities.

    1) Stevens Institute of technology (MS Maritime systems) Curriculum-

    2) Florida Institute of technology (MS Ocean engineering) Curriculum-

    Australian maritime college (Msc in maritime design) Curriculum-

    University of Strathclyde ( Msc in marine engineering) UK. Curriculum-

    Still waiting for results from
    1) Florida atlantic university- MS Ocean engineering (Probably will get in) Curriculum-
    2) virginia tech - MS Ocean engineering (My chances are low, as applicants having better credentials than me got rejected last year).

    My interest lies in Naval architecture/Ship structures/design of offshore structures.

    How is the job scenario after graduation, especially in this field? considering I am an international student. My long term goal is to come back to my country and start my own consultancy,but looking for some professional experience before doing so.

    Please give me your inputs on these schools as it'll help me take decisions.Would also welcome few more schools suggestions.Also looking for a mentor who can guide me ,as I am fairly new to this field. Thanks.
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