Help Me Design a Boat for an IOM World Championship Campaign

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by WerpKerp, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. WerpKerp
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    Does "conventional" sailing skills translate to RC? I sailed Optimists for five years and moved up to Club 420s this year, and I am an experienced racer.
  2. Earl Boebert
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    Yes. We sail under the same rules. The biggest difference is that the person yelling "starboard" is standing next to you :)

    Trickiest thing for big boat sailors is judging mark roundings from a distance and angle but with a little practice you'll catch on.


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  3. BlueBell
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    Yes, definitely.
    What will be a challenge is the lack of feedback because you're not on the boat.
    You don't feel what's going on, and of course, you don't see what's going on very well either.
    But, you will adapt quickly and everybody is "in-the-same-boat" (i.e. situation).
  4. CT249
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    The suggestion to get a DF65 is an excellent one. Even being an experienced racer does not mean that someone is sailing their boat at maximum performance - just look at the wide spreads in 420, Laser or DF65 fleets. Unless one knows that one can sail an RC boat quickly then one has no real information on which to base design choices. One can even be quite successful in championship racing, but still only average in certain conditions. Unless you have sailed strict one designs and know your own performance, in that type of craft and in that condition, you will never really know whether your design is working well or not because any particularly good or bad performance may be the result of the sailor and not the design.
  5. Doug Lord
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    Earls suggestion went a little further than a DF65:


  6. Dragonpoint
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    Scows are fast - Kid . Check out MELGES SCOW .
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