Help List All Different Makes Of Surface Drives!

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by Janamon, Jun 12, 2006.

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    :rolleyes: Hi, every time I look at surface drives I come across one I haven't heard of before. I think it would be very interesting to find out how many there really are? If you can put a link to the web site, that would be great. Inquiring minds want to know??
  2. Mudder
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    Mudder New Member

    Surface Drive Manufacturer

    Here is our web site. We build over 30 models of surface drives. We use a belt drive system with a short drive. They are easier to run than the longtails, which we also build. We have some very good videos also.

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  3. LostInBoston
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    LostInBoston Junior Member

    Anybody know what type of drive this is and where to get more info on it?
  4. Frosty

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    Thats a niffty bit of kit, I like that , the rudder must move in the opposite direction as normal steering to steer the leg, Must be very sensative steering?

    It looks as though most of the hydraulics are above water at rest too. Ive tried to think of a way to make some thing like this where the whole lot can be moved up out clear of water when at rest,--Even take the props off if you wanted too with out getting wet.
    But No-- I dont know what it is.
  5. LostInBoston
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    LostInBoston Junior Member

    I eventually found out. It is a custom drive by MTT. The shaft is trimable, but NOT turnable. You can tell by the hydraulic trim ram connection to the drive and transom, only allowing verticle movement. There doesnt appear to be much though preventing it from turning.
  6. Jack, just a question, You are an expert about surface drives? I wait a visit here in Pattaya by "Rudy" Rudolf Scholz of Levi Drive to discusse about is drive application here in Thailand. Could be very interesting if we meet together. Let me know if interested about.
  7. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I know Rudy very well, and Sony Levi. I am not an expert at any thing. Next time I'm at home I will come and see you.
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  8. OK, he was here last week but will come back in the near future.
    Could be very interesting a meeting together.
  9. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Lost--It would appear that the shaft is free to move at all times( side to side) and steered by the water over the rudder. (like a yachts Hydrovane gear)where the rudder of the vane steers the main rudder. Or you could think of it as steering by a trim tab!! As soon as you engage gear it will make thrust and flow over the rudder, so you got steerage. Cool!!
  10. ted655
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    ted655 Senior Member

    Back on point.
    Go-Devil, Prodrive, Gatortail,Mudbuddy, Beavertail
    Anerson,Levi, DBD(?),3 or 4 more I can't remember at the moment.
  11. Misogynist
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    Misogynist Junior Member

    At first glance it appears to have a ball socket like an Arneson... but it wouldn't work at all like that. The thing would just flop about at the rear of the transom. What looks like a socket is probably a hinged pivot that only allows the shaft to pivot up and down. Then the rudder would have a direct effect on steering. Also, if you look at the joints of the hydraulic ram that moves the drive up and down, they don't have the ability to pivot sideways, only along one plane, up and down.
  12. ChrisN67
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    ChrisN67 Senior Member

    I have similar drives and cannot find manufacturer

    I have a similar system on my boat and have been going nuts trying to find out the manufacturer. Common elements are:
    Only vertical trim
    Rudder behind prop
    Rudder brace on superstructure connected soley to shaft housing
    Oil feeder line to thrust bearing

    Although there is not anything apparently wrong, I want to rebuild these units (at least seals;bearings if necessary) as they are over 6 years old. Please advise if you get a line on these drives. I have a post with pictures

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  13. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Misogynist, & LostInBoston, Look carefully, The lower link for the trim hydraulics is not the key as the pivot occurrs at the transom mount and is in-line with the CV joint for the drive shaft when at normal drive position. Pivoting drive is the way as per Frostys comment. If not prop walk/torque effect would rip the drive off! as there is NO LATERAL BRACING.... :D
  14. Steve H
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    Steve H Senior Member

    I would be very interested in hearing your performance numbers with those drives.

    Length of boat
    weight of boat
    prop make and size

    I have a 42' Harley with Arnesons. I'm always curious about weight, props and speed.



  15. ChrisN67
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    ChrisN67 Senior Member

    Information re: Boat dimensions

    Center of Gravity Calculation


    Under Sling Weight = 15,250 lbs No fuel

    Wieght (Lbs) Distance from Transom "" Moment
    5500 32 176000
    9750 500 4875000
    Total Moment 5051000
    Total Weight 15250
    CG Forward of Transom 331"
    Location of step 350"

    Prop Rolla 19.25" 25 pitch
    ZF transmission with 2 speed splitter 1.21 /1.57
    2 x Yanmar 6ly2 stp 440 bhp
    Top speed at 3150 GPS 54kn
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