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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by djubaca, Oct 24, 2013.

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    A little history :
    I have a fiberglass Carter 32 with keel stepped mast which was in very bad condition and it was retired. I bought a new mast which is deck stepped.
    Now i have to convert .

    I will make a SS compression post tube with diameter 89x4 .

    Is it necessary to do some strengthen to the top of the compression post to transfer the moving force to the hull of the boat.

    Attached some drawings.

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  2. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    Remember to allow 1-2deg for mast rake

    More important is that deck step masts tend to rock fore/aft very slightly, especially beating to windward. So you need to give the kingpost a long fore/aft bearing surface otherwise the deckhead will be deflected

    Richard Woods
  3. Petros
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    looking at your rig, I would say that since your sails are so much larger the potential for transferring more forces to the hull (at the deck level) are much higher. Same goes for the chain plates and all of the shroud and stay anchorage and fittings.

    unless you know that your hull was designed to allow for larger sails, it seems to me prudent to reinforce all of the anchor points and the area around the mast as the deck level.

  4. djubaca
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    djubaca Junior Member

    Thank you all for answers.

    I made kinpost and tunned the mast rigging. I think, it is good.

    Petros, I cheked alll of chainplates and they are looking good and strong enough.
    All of them are anchored with plates to inner wals .

    This saturday we will on sail ( with lifebelts and helmets :)

    So wish me luck :)

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