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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by BlacK_Blade, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Hello, I have just purchased an older 14 foot aluminum cruiser type boat. The type that has the big covered bow and steering wheel. The seats are in rough shape and it has an older 30 hp Evinrude (that actually runs quite good).

    My immediate thoughts when I laid eyes on this boat, was to completely gut it out and cut back the covered bow section, leaving enough to install a bow mount trolling motor. Install a bow casting deck. Fabricate a steering console on one side out of aluminum...in essence turn the boat into a more modern fishing oriented boat rather than the simple cruiser it was.

    It is just a bare hull floor right now, so would like to install a proper flat sole in it, that will be the first construction task.

    I have never attempted any kind of boat construction/restoration before, but have many years experience as sheet metal worker (so making up the console should not be too hard) and have done lots of woodshop projects over the years for the home as well, so am no stranger to woodworking. Have a decent knowledge of electrical circuits etc (electronics way back in college and all kinds of basic home wiring since).

    I am pretty excited about the possibilities and look forward to rolling up the sleeves and digging in to this project and in the end hopefully end up with a nice little fishing boat that has some of the modern features you see these days.

    I hope you don't mind many questions being posted as this project rolls on and I would appreciate any and all advice and a heads up for any pitfalls to look out for as well. I will be taking many photos and will post progress pics for sure! Have attached a few pics of the boat, not the best bt all I have on pc at the moment.

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    Welcome. Hope the project gives you much satisfaction.

    If you keep posting as you go it will be good to follow.

    At this stage the only advice I can offer is to keep an eye on in-built buoyancy. The boat should have enough buoyancy to stay afloat if completely swamped. With changes, you need to ensure you do not end up with a boat that goes to the bottom if something goes wrong.

    I would be interested in seeing a drawing or image of the desired end result. Might prompt a bit more input.

    Rick W.
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    Welcome, you've come to a good place. Lots of advice from knowledgeable people who enjoy answering questions on boat projects.

    I'll second everything Rick said above, just adding one caution: the foredeck you'll be cutting away is an integral structural support. Be sure that the casting platform/deck you build to replace it is at least as strong and tied in as firmly to the hull so that support is not lost.

    Photos make it easier to understand how things are progressing or what problems have come up ... besides, we all just enjoy looking at boat pictures of all types! ;)

    Good luck.
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