Heliciel: Anyone used it?

Discussion in 'Software' started by WarthogARJ, May 9, 2021.

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    Hi there,
    Has anyone here used Heliciel for hydrodynamics-related purposes?
    The screw propellers and Wings website: Heliciel.com https://www.heliciel.com/en/Index.htm

    It's an interesting collection of three potentially two packages: MecaFlux Standard or Pro and Heliciel.
    It's not really aimed at professional use yacht design per se, but more at amateur/learning/experimenting.
    As in it can do some of what a full-on CFD package does, but without the flexibility or "power" of say openFoam or Fluent.

    I've not yet tried it, but it seems like a good way to get up to speed with a lot of useful hydrodynamics ideas.

    It's French, so maybe it's not really made much headway on BoatNet, which seems predominantly US-based/dominated.

    I think that amongst other things it acts as a GUI for Xfoil. A bit like xflr5 for aerodynamics/plane designs. But they say they use other foil databases too.

    It seems to handle propellors, turbines, sails, hulls, hydrofoils:
    Mecaflux Suite - Solutions pour calcul de mécanique des fluides https://www.mecaflux.com/suite/en/comparatif_produits.html
    Heliciel sdeems to do what you'd want for marine stuff for Euro 294/USD 382.
    But you'd probably want the full suite, which is Euro 408.

    I've used xfoil a bit, and it is not so straightforward without a nice GUI.
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