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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JimCooper, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. JimCooper
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    JimCooper Junior Member

    Maybe I should build my final boat. The perfect collection of compromises.

    Any designers out there that can embrace a heavy steel comfortable cruiser for an old scotsman?

    My wish list is:
    50 to 60 feet on deck and over 45 on the water

    Moderate beam

    Steel at least 1/4 inch lower plating , medium heavy displacement,
    ketch rigged, (I love mizz staysls)

    lots of wetted surface... yes I know but its comfortable

    For roll reduction at least one immersed hard chine .... in my experience considerable roll reduction , and Chine boats are so easy to repair the plating on

    7 foot draft

    Centre cockpit

    At least 2 double cabins for port use
    and a scattering of good sea berths.

    A large well placed Galley
    Likewise a Bathroom and sep shower

    Easily removed engine.

    Lots of ventilation.. once I reach the tropics again I'm staying.

    Anybody got the perfect stock plan for me?

    I have a few Euro's in my pocket, currently boatless in Aberdeen for the summer ..ha ha.

    Jim Cooper
  2. BrettM
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    BrettM Senior Member

    Sorry, I don't have a stock plan for you.

    If you are serious about a custom design, perhaps I can assist. Located East Coast in Oz.

    PM me if you want to know more.

  3. MarkC
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  4. JimCooper
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    JimCooper Junior Member

    Thanks for all the private responses emails etc
    There are many of you out there who have offered help and advice.

    I had a dutch engineer for 8 years and learnt how to swear in that language :) but I have trouble navigating that site.

    A broker phoned just after I started this thread with what sounds like a bargain so I'm off to spain to have a look (instant gratification wins)

    Yago thanks for your generous offer . Loved your site good work. ( http://www.justmueller.com/boats/ )

    Incidentally I worked my like in the small shipping game, skippered supply vessels, North sea trawling and a pilot boat in Australia . Had experience with many hull forms in all sorts of weather.

  5. Vega
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  6. MikeJohns
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    MikeJohns Senior Member

    Jim Cooper

    Yes can do !

    Easily and quickly built hull, excellent all weather sea boat,

    email me if you want some pictures and a lines drawing. Interior is flexible with boats this size.

    Husky performance ketch, design meets any scantling rules .
    I have 2 designs available at 47 ' LWL and around 36 tonnes cruising trim 32 tonnes light ship.

    One design centre and one aft CPit.
    I prefer the aft cokpit / pilot house version myself for higher Lat. cruising

    We have various options: Hull and rig, machinery, Interior furniture, Electrical.

    Good luck

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