Headstay attachment on rotating mast?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by henrikb, Feb 26, 2007.

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    henrikb Senior Member

    Do anyone out there have some pictures of how the headstay attachment to a rotating mast use to be designed?
    Any info is appreciated!
  2. tspeer
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    I've seen a number of methods. Most have all three stays coming to a point just in front of the mast, attaching to a tang like is used for a conventional forestay.

    One method uses a chain link shackled to the tang, to which are attached the three stays.

    Another method is to have a double tang (forming a pair of jaws) to which is bolted the right-angle point of a triangular piece of stainless steel. The side opposite the point has three holes to which are shackled the other stays.
  3. brian eiland
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    Mast Tang for Rotating Mast

    Many smaller cats with rotating spars simply shackled all three (forestay & two shrouds) all together onto one tang.

    I preferred to provide two separate attachment holes on the mast tang. The forestay was attached to a point that was closer to the face of the mast while the shrouds attached further out. This promoted a greater leverage by the windward shroud to firmly rotate the mast, since the forestay already had a greater angle and leverage, and would resist the rotation. This two hole arrangement necessitated the forestay hole as the lower of the two holes. (got an old drawing for my Firefly tri if I can find it)

    I always found it was easier to put a rotation limiter at the base of the mast, rather than a rotation inducer.

  4. SPJ yachts
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    F/stay rotating mast

    we used some dyneema as a f/stay attachment at the hounds .
    This with a positive main sheet angle on the boom and limited spanner at the mast should be ok
    I used this system on a 12mtr racing tri and worked a treat, just have to check the dyneema every 6 months or so cause this material does not like load on too tight a bend for too long but im talking here in the tropics and i guess you are talking non tropics. (SWEEDEN)

    good luck

    SPJ Yachts
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