Head of Interior Design - Egypt/India. $90K (OTE $180K) tax free

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    Luxury Motor Yacht – Head of Interior Design
    Egypt & India
    $90K (OTE $180K) - tax free

    The Company
    Anglo-French luxury mega-yacht design and production company with operations in Egypt and India. Combining affordable luxury at sea with quality and innovative design using both contemporary and traditional materials built to the highest standards using local craftsmen and in-house production facilities.

    After 4 years of design and development the first 40 meter luxury motor yacht is nearing completion and ready for the internal design team to make their mark. Having proven the concept of combining luxury with affordability, a new modern production facility is currently being designed to specifically accommodate the simultaneous construction of six 55M mega yachts with a production output of 3 per year.

    Initially based in Alexandria on the northern Mediterranean coast of Egypt where the current 40M yacht is being completed. After approximately 10 months operations will move to Goa, India where the new production facilities are being built. Goa is a long established tourist destination and fast becoming the play ground for the rich and famous of India.

    Job Description
    As Head of Interior Design, this is an unusual, exciting and extremely challenging opportunity. As a key member of the management team you will have the ability to directly influence the interior design of a production line of 40 to 55 meter luxury mega-yachts and ultimately contribute to its and the company’s commercial success. This is a very hands-on role where you will be responsible for all aspects of interior design especially at the implementation level, from managing a small team of designers to QA sign-off of all interior works.

    Key Tasks and Responsibilities
    • Take ownership of all aspects of interior design of a 40m luxury motor yacht production line. Consisting of 9 cabins, saloon, dining area for 14, 8 bathrooms, owners suite. Each space needs to be individually designed with luxury and space optimisation, design and built using where possible locally sourced materials and resources. You will have in depth knowledge and experience of designing individual pieces of built-in furniture that will be built locally in wood within a production facility.
    • To source quality materials and accessories either locally or internationally with the ability to use cost benefit analysis to support your decision rationale.
    • Integration of high technology such as LCD monitors, entertainment systems etc.
    • Design multi-functional top sun deck with seating, BBQ, Jacuzzi, wet bar and to include finishing touches such as lighting, sound system that incorporate the various activities such as sun bathing, al fresco dining, dancing etc.
    • To recruit, manage and mentor local design team and with effective project management and team leadership skills to ensure on-time, within budget and quality delivery.
    • To liaise with lead electrician, cabinet makers, plumbers, engineers etc. to ensure delivery and quality targets are achieved.
    • Become familiar with all aspects of luxury yacht interior design, space optimisation, the materials used and market trends.
    • To maximise space from both a functional and design perspective using every mm of available space to achieve a light, spacious yet intimate feeling oozing of design quality and craftsmanship.
    • Ensure the designs you create are executed to your brief and of quality both within the production workshop and final fitting.
    • Become familiar with materials suitable for marine life and marine regulatory bodies such as RINA, MCA etc.
    • Create and evolve new design collections that incorporate new materials and ideas that keep pace with market trends.
    • Help recruit, train and expand our workshop team.
    • Provide assistance to the marketing team in the production of online marketing visuals.
    • Communicate, advise and function closely with the management team and provide board level reports on request.

    Experience & Skills
    • Degree in design with a minimum of 5 years experience, 2 of which have been as a lead or management position.
    • We are ideally looking for a designer with experience within the marine industry, however, we will consider those with exceptional talent in high end hotel interior design.
    • Experience of designing high quality wooden furniture and have detailed knowledge of free standing and fitted furniture construction and production processes and materials, techniques and finishing required for the 5* hospitality industry.
    • Natural talent to optimising space and light and an understanding of the practicalities related to yacht design.
    • Ability to oversee and control manufacture of all the workshop projects, and to ensure that all furniture meets the impeccable standards required for luxury mega yachts.
    • Able to resolve problems, coach, provide solutions and dynamic pro-active leadership to our cabinet making and interior design and production teams.
    • You must be proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop and Illustrator; Rhino or a similar 3D package would also be an advantage. Excellent hand sketching and effective communication skills are essential.
    • Familiar with working with a variety of materials including wood, granite, Corean, glass, steel, soft furnishings etc. at both the design and implementation level.

    Candidate profile
    A self starter who is a passionate team player with strong leadership skills yet happy to roll up your sleeves and work at the implementation level where you are able to mentor your staff and lead by example if necessary within a diverse and challenging work and cultural environment. As an effective communicator you will be a stable, mature yet enthusiastic person with an eye for low level detail and able to think out of the box to solve design and technical challenges. With a natural talent for the ‘creative’ and the ability to thrive in a start-up environment you are likely to have a few years of challenging success under your belt. A good listener and communicator, you should be able to empathise with both your market and staff.

    Starting salary of $90K tax free. Bonus of $30K per yacht sold giving OTE of $180K/ year after approx 2 years. Please email CV and examples of work to john@insight.easynet.co.uk, giving indication of previous salary and notice period required.
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    Wow...Now thats how you write a job ad. If you guys ever need a licensed captain let me know.

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    Where in Egypt are you building this project?


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