Have CAD ... how to get to a CFD

Discussion in 'Software' started by John Smithson, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. John Smithson
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    John Smithson Junior Member

    After downloading several programs that seem to offer CFD... I've run into the strange world of unusual file formats for all these programs.

    Anyone have an easier path to take a CAD format (I'm using Fusion 360) and be able to get to a CFD simulation? There has to be some easier way to just drag and drop a boat hull into some existing scene in some readily available program...

    I'm guessing there have been countless other amateur designers looking to get their feet wet (haha) with some simulations and random small-ish hull designs.
  2. Tops
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    I am also interested in this topic, and in getting things started in Autodesk Inventor or Fusion360 into programs like Free!ship+.
  3. DCockey
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    Orca3D Marine CFD features using a Rhino model of boat as input to CFD analysis. The cost is probably considerably more than most amateur designers would consider affordable.

  4. KeithO
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