Has any one heard of a 38ft Tri by Bernand Rodriquez?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by amosrk, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. amosrk
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    As the title question asks, has any one heard of a 38ft Tri by Bernand Rodriquez?

    I have the opportunity to purchase a partially completed set of hulls designed by bernand rodriquez. The plans list this as a 'Passagemaker'. I've done the web search and cannot find any info on the designer or the design. It makes me a little wary about whether it's a suitable design for cruising and will live up to its moniker. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. apex1

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    You will not like my guess, I am sure.
    But when you find nothing but a claim, telling you the vessel is a "passagemaker" what do you expect it will be in real life?
    A true blue water vessel is a hell of a lot more than claims, and by no means a bargain. There is no cutting edge vessel that holds your and your childrens life in safe condition. Do not waste your time, do not even look at it, partially completed means "not worth talking" .
    That is the plain truth.
    Sorry to burst the bubble.....
  3. Gary Baigent
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    I thought Rodriquez had a good reputation for solid cruising boats - do you really know what you're talking/guessing about apex1??
  4. apex1

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    Was not in doubt with the design, but with the vessel, or better, the builder. Partially completed is rarely a bargain.
  5. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

  6. catsketcher
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    Could be fine

    I'm with Gary on this one. The Rodriquez boats I saw looked solid, like a Searunner style of cruiser but done in double diagonal. The designer is my type of designer, he had done serious miles in Pivers if my memory serves me well. I think it could be a fine boat but the best way to find out is to get off the net or into the dark recesses of the net and find some old mags or old multi sailors. Late 70s and early 80s multihulls mags had stuff on Rodriquez. As for an old design just remember that the first Searunners were designed in the 60s and still make fine cruisers. A solid tri is a great and cheap alternative to the ubiquitous bridgedeck cruising cat.

    There are some great designers you won't find much of on the net like Jay Kantola (who designed some of the most beautiful tris ever) Robin Chamberlin (who is usually too busy sailing to want to advertise plans) and Bernard Rhodes. It doesn't mean their boats are no good - they just don't, or didn't, promote themselves as heavily as others.

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  7. catsketcher
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    Partially completed

    In addition to the above post you may find that it is not worth it buying pieces of the hulls and finishing the rest of the boat. The reason is that the design is somewhat dated and will not return you much on the money and time you invest. If almost all the work is done and you also get rigging and deck gear you may have a bargain. If you have to put lots of work and money into the build then you may end up putting lots of time and money into a boat when it could have been cheaper to buy a secondhand one. Look carefully at the secondhand price one like on Richard's link and other boats like a good Searunner 37.

    If you are getting lots of stuff for a bargain price and want to build then have a look over the hull construction carefully. Don't be too concerned about the builders motivation. I have a friend who has taken 15 years to mostly build a 38ft cat (we started at the same time and my boat has had a refit and his hasn't got wet) If the boat was for sale cheaply then a heap of us would jump at it. He has done a fab job (Maybe too fab and careful) of putting it together.


  8. amosrk
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    amosrk New Member

    Thanks all,

    I think I am probably not going to pursue it any further. I received an update last night leading me to the conclusion that the hulls are just barely finished 08-90% of the work to be completed.The engine and rig,no sails were included.

    However the i seller has the pricing far above what I would deem to be reasonable for a partially finished Legacy design boat. He set the price point at what I would expect a sailing boat of this design to draw.

  9. apex1

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  10. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    This is a prudent and learned attitude for a used boat (boat in build) and has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the negative feedback you have gotten to this point.

    If you are satisfied with your decision, then there is no further commentary that will make much difference in the mix.

    Moving on, now, to a project, or finished boat, that will meet your expectations, as well as your pocketbook's potential.

    Best of luck in your pursuit,
  11. boat fan
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    WOW ...someone that actually mentioned KANTOLA !!!!!!:cool:

    Have to agree catsketcher , some of the most beautiful boats ever drawn!!!

    Very hard to find on the net though ....:(
  12. redreuben
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    redreuben redreuben

  13. oldsailor7
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    I have been on a well built Jay Kantola tri and was most impressed with the clean and still modern looking design.
    If you can find a well constructed one, I say go for it.

  14. cavalier mk2
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    Looks a lot like a Crowther Buccaneer 36.
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