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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Kentaro, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. luckystrike
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    luckystrike Power Kraut

    Hi Rob,

    still opting for the parachute solution! First have a look around and enyoy your place with the great overview over the seas, then jump off and re-right your boat. :D

    No just kidding!

    In my eves your Bucket List is a masterpiece in simplicity and efficiency. instead trying everything to make things more powerfull and expensive, you rely on lightweight with "normal" materials and clean lines, making everything cheap and fast to build, affordable for nearly everybody. I like that!

    A small sister of Bucket list, with off the shelf- or second hand epuipment could be a real killer in the small (under 30') class in the Silver Rudder Race in Denmark. I wonder what could be done with a used mainsail from a Ventilo 20.


  2. rob denney
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    rob denney Senior Member

    Short sail on Sunday. Not much breeze, not much speed, but with a deep reefed main (21 sqm/215 sq') and a loose halyard, it got along ok. Nothing broke apart from a tiller extension universal. It shunted fine, steered well with both or either rudder, sailed level, was hardly affected by crew weight position. The bow lifted at quite low speeds, giving hope for planing.

    No winches and only two blocks and tackle (mainsheet and snotter) so the mast lashing, halyard and cunningham were 2:1 with truckies hitches, which was not enough. Got a small single speed winch coming and am playing with alternatives to blocks and tackles (levers and other mechanical advantage devices).

    The to do list is quite long, but mostly small jobs, might be sailing again by Easter.

    Progress blog, pics and videos at http://harryproa.com/?cat=2

  3. jorgepease
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    Man that's a light boat, she should fly!

  4. rob denney
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    rob denney Senior Member

    Certainly should.

    Some of the lightness is attributable to it being a harryproa, some to Intelligent infusion.
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