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    Whats Up guys? Sorry no posts lately, wish we could see some more Harley posts. Looks like just me and Steve...
    Anyway, not much to report after the hard-top project. We have done a lot of canvas lately, including sunscreens all around, aft cover, woven fiber mats, etc. I had my props done by Marc Wilson- he is the surface drive guru, and he did a great job. Top end is the same but cruise a few knots more, very satisfied. Both engines went to CAT dealer last year for 2000 hour service- removed from boat, serviced, and repainted. We did some bilge cleaning & painting while they were out. My trim tabs are currently 0ff the boat. I am thinking of replacing with 380 series K Planes, they are much larger. BTW we DID make the Bahamas last year, so much fun in the Harley for a month. Ready to go again winter of 2021. Who wants to go along?? I don't have much for pics, but I think my wife has some on FB, if anybody wants to peek. Lets see some Harley Pics!!

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