Hardwood floor repair

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by starcmr, Nov 23, 2022.

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    Hello! I'm renting and want to refinish hardwood floors. It appears they used stain over unsmoothed flooring and layer after layer.
    Current conditions of flooring: nails popping up and whatever top coloring coat is removed in high traffic areas. I just want to improve the appearance and am up for any suggestions. Also,I'd appreciate suggestions of what type of sander to use please.
    All the images attached are the same flooring. Dinning room and living room. In addition, transition from each room has this horrific eye sore 9




  2. Blueknarr
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    That floor is shot and needs to be replaced.
    Carpet would be the most affordable option.


    Push the nails down with a nail-set.
    Rent a floor sander. Pros use a 30kg drum. It can destroy a floor in the wrong hands. Amateurs can use a monster (also 30kg) square random orbit. It takes longer but is safe for unskilled use.

    MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DUST WILL BE CREATED. Use the vacuum attachment.

    Keep checking and pushing nails down. They will tear up the sanding pad (36 grit).

    Fill surface voids with wood dough. Sand with 60 grit.
    Stain and varnish.
  3. wet feet
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    I hope the floor isn't in an apartment with neighbours below.The advice above is sound and you will not be popular with anybody living below you due to the noise the process will generate.There is a high probability that the old finish will clog sandpaper very quickly,so make sure you have plenty available.The big challenge is to do a thorough job at the edges and in the corners and you may need a scraper for that.Good luck.
  4. Rumars
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    Normally this is done by agreement with the landlord, since he is the beneficiary. Get a quote from a professional refinisher for the entire job (sanding and sealing) then contact the landlord and work a deal against your rent. Usually you front the money for the job and he gets a little less rent for a period of time.

    If for whatever reason you still want to do it yourself, don't rent a floor sander, that's a tool for the pros. For your case there are two options, a chemical paint stripper or a powerplane, both followed by orbital sanding with a low speed machine. Orbital polishers can be used instead of a big sander.
  5. fallguy
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    Floor sanding by amateurs is a bad idea. All I'm gonna say about that..

    It is rustic; set the nails and embrace it.
  6. kapnD
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    Any new finish on that floor will look “rustic” at best, it’s pretty shot!
    I’d skim coat it with a leveling/filling coat, lay down a membrane and apply a vinyl plank flooring over it.
  7. mc_rash
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    @kapnD why should one cover a nice, warm, wooden floor with vinyl? Speaking personally for me there is nothing which adds more value to a room than a (well restored) old wooden floor!

    Scrap the paint off, maybe with the aid of a heatgun, sand the floor, maybe hire a pro floor sander, and use oil for the finish.
  8. kapnD
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    It’s a matter of economics.
    The OP is in a rental unit, and unless he can sell the landlord on the idea, he will be heavily invested for someone else’s profit. The rental agreement should spell out such matters.
    My choice of vinyl is because it’s cheap, easy, and forgiving for amateurs to install.
    That long row of inline butt joints has got to be weak and is probably noisy.
    The whole floor appears to be only lightly nailed down.
  9. gonzo
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    That floor is not that bad. If you don't mind putting a fair amount of physical effort, a simple scraper will do the job.

  10. mc_rash
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    I overread that OP is renting.

    As gonzo said, the floor is not that bad.
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