hamilton jet drive for sale does anyone know how much they are worth

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by leebee, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. leebee
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    leebee New Member

    i have brought a 15.5 foot speed boat and was wondering if anyone could tell me how much i could sell a hamilton jet drive for, i have been told it can take an engine up to 250 bhp it has reverse too looks good and everything seems to work if anyone has any thoughts i would be very gratefull thankyou oh and could you tell me in great british pounds please
  2. Marco1
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    Marco1 Senior Member

    Leebee, location England...can you post more details about your jet unit?

    Model, year of manufacture, size, photos, condition, new or second hand, when last serviced, used in salt water of fresh etc.

    I am after a new unit namely the 213 model but if yours is in good nick and the model is the right one I may be interested.
  3. leebee
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    leebee New Member

    hi marco1 sorry mate but i dont know what the model is as im new to all this boat malarky i have taken a photo of the unit which i am going to try and add. i can only assume that the jet unit is about ten years old as thats what the previous owner has told me and he did say it had a service last year but i have no receipt to prove this, the unit is second hand and has been used in salt water i think it is good condition but as i said before im new to all this. hope this all helps

    thanks lee

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  4. anthony goodson
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    anthony goodson Senior Member

    It's a 751 and 10yrs old is way optimistic.

  5. Rampager
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