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    Dear all,

    GY Boat Design Ltd is a New Zealand registered company based in Auckland, specializing in design of superyacht tenders, small craft, game fishing boats and most recently - amphibious boats.

    We are offering design services such as:
    - Naval Architecture
    - Hull form design and performance
    - Hydrostatic and Dynamic Stability
    - Obtaining plan approvals from Classification Societies such as CE ISO, DNV and Lloyd's Register
    - 3D modelling, renderings and marketing images
    - Composite and metal engineering
    - Exterior and Interior styling
    - Weight studies
    - Production of detailed drawings
    - Cut files
    - Mould drawings

    If you are interested to see some of our latest projects, please visit the studio’s website:

    Should you think that some of our design services could benefit you or your company please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

    Georgi Yankov
    Naval Architect

    GY Boat Design Ltd
    16A Branston Ave, Browns Bay,
    Auckland, New Zealand
    T: +64 9 476 7123
    M: +64 21 1088793
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