Gulfstream Boats, 1982

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by MEH, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Hello all, does anyone have any information on a boat manufacture named Gulfstream boats? I am looking at a 1982 Gulfstream 28'10" boat. The current owner thought the boat was made in Florida by a semi custom boat builder on the east coast. I have enclosed a pic of the boat, note the square design just below the rub rail near the FL numbers.

    Any info would be helpful

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    We have a couple listed here - for comparison:
    I think Gulfstream was a semi custom builder maybe even several different builders, that operated out of Miami and Jupitor area in the mid 80's through mid 90's. Good luck
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    GulfStream was a Florida builder. Actually there have been quite a few companies named Gulfstream, but based on the photo I think this is Gulfstream of Miami. Check for a aHull Identification number on the transom of the boat. On the outside in the upper right corner.


    MIC: MEP Status: Inactive
    Company: GULFSTREAM OF MIAMI Company Official: MARCKER, JOE
    Parent Company: GULFSTREAM OF MIAMI INC Parent MIC: NUL
    Previous Company 1: MEMEGE CORP.
    Previous Company 2: GULFSTREAM OF MIAMI
    Previous Company 3: MARBO ENTERPRISES INC (OOB)
    Previous Company 4: NULL
    Address: 2314 NW 150TH ST City: MIAMI
    State: FL Zip: 33054
    Country: NULL Phone: 3056882691
    Fax: NULL In Business: 10/7/1991
    Out of Business: 6/6/1997 Date Modified: 6/6/1994
    Type: Outboards, Open Motorboats, Jon Boats
    Inboards, Cabin Cruisers
    Addtional Address: NULL

    Also you can check that registration number with Florida DMV.
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