Guiness Book Of Records Attempt

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    muddin redneck DO IT IN THE MUD!!!

    Today I was involved in a guiness book of records attempt . It was to try to make the largest number of kayaks and canoes into a single floating raft. The standing record is 1104 boat (not number of paddlers) and we tried to beat that record today in the Mississippi River at lock #15 at Rock Island, Illinois. We(me and my girlfriend) had a 9 mile paddle down the miss. river half way through we got to lock through dam #15 with 148 other kayakers and continue on to a small backwater lake called lake Potter where we met up with the rest of the paddlers. At 2 o'clock we gathered in the middle of the lake and held onto oneanothers boat, we had to float for 30 seconds and then an ariel photo was taken so the the officials could make the final count. I hope we beat the record!!! Even if we dont beat it, it was a great day to be out on the miss river with a large number of other kayakers and now some new friends. The weather couldnt have been better overcast with a slight breeze, perfect. There was a prize to the person(s) who came the furthest and I think it went to someone in Germany or Poland yea they came over from across the pond just for this event, we also had a few from Scotland, England and the Ukrain. It was a blast to say the least. Next year it is going to be held again so anyone with a kayak or canoe should come to the Quad Cities and see if we can set the record even higher and make a new friend or to along the way.

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    I'll wish ya luck, but man, I lived in the Quad Cities for one summer. That's enough to last me for a lifetime.
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