GRP construction for passenger vessel?

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by escar99, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I am carrying out a project related with GRP passenger craft in Spain.

    The main objective of the project is getting an international recognition. Acording to the passenger craft code, GRP construction is not allowed. However in Spain exist many directives and circulars -not very serious- for GRP passenger craft. The problem is that the recognition you get with the mentioned circulars is only valid in Spain.

    My question is;
    - Does anybody knows an European country -if exists-, which has circulars or exemptions for GRP passenger craft recognised all around the union?

    Thank you very much, any suggestion or commentary will be of interest!
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    MS Valö and MS Rivö, built by Bröderna AA ( are built in CRP and hold full certificate. They have a LOA of 27 m, takes 163 passengers and a maximum speed of 27kn. Owner is Styrsöbolaget.

    It is approved by the Swedish Transport Agency and operates in the archipelago of Göteborg on the west coast of Sweden.

    The Swedish Transport Agency has gained experience from CRP design in the LASS-project which now continue in S-LASS. (

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    Thanks for the information Tobbe, both webpages are great
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    Following on tobbe's response, Brodrene Aa is one of several yards in both Norway and Sweden that are now or have in the past built GRP passenger ferries ...since the early 1980s, in fact. Several of Norwegian design were built in Korea in the 90s Most are/were classed to DnV rules but other classification societies cover GRP passenger vessel construction as well. Here in the USA, GRP passenger vessels have been built by Westport.

    So I have to ask: What "passenger craft code" are you referring to that you say does not allow GRP construction for passenger vessel use?

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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Search google for "GRP passenger boat": 3.740.000 results.

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