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    We were just going to build one or two of these 46' sportfish boats then try to sell the mold for cost. However, we have already had over 30 indications of interest and a really big company talking to us about buying the mold (design) when completed. So, I'm going to have to put more money than anticipated into a 3D drawing and other illustrative expenses.

    Any of you who have done gorgeous, 3D artwork, would you consider creating one of our boat?? We have a pile of paper drawings, the physical mold itself is nearly done (if you're nearby) and a very rough but rather accurate rendering on Delftship. The good news is it's a real project that will create real boats. The bad news is we don't have money to do anything but build the boat. One guy wants a walk-around design for a headboat...others want impressive sportfish designs, etc.

    Please let me know what you'll charge. Here's the frame for the mold when completed a couple weeks ago:

    You can email me at

    Thanks! Tony
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