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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by xrudi, Dec 29, 2011.

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    xrudi Rudi Scholz

    Dear All,

    The idea is to inspire the industry to produce greener boats and propulsion systems for the inshore fishing community.

    I'm playing with the idea to race fishing boats (9 m) non-stop around the penisular of Malaysia (from Kelantan to Langkawi) and I have written up some preliminary rules.

    I looking for a formular which allows for technical advancments and stay green (maybe the winner is the one who gets the best points out of used time/fuel consumption).

    Does anything like this exist?

    Here my Suggestion for the rules:

    GPS Malaysia

    Grand Prix of the Sea Malaysia

    Non stop endurance race over 1000 nautical miles around the Peninsular of Malaysia in fishing boats.
    Inspire the Malaysian industry and universities to develop and produce a green and safe fishing boat for their inshore fishing industry.
    All parts of the boat and machinery should be produced in Malaysia by the year 2020.
    Universities should produce graduates who will be able to build and service these new boats with their new machinery.
    - the rules should be upheld and upgraded by the “Malaysian Sea Grand Prix” race committee.
    - the boats should be checked by the “race committee members” on the day of the race.
    - The boats should be a fishing boat and classified as a Sampan max 9 m length.
    - the boat should be powered by one environmental friendly engine
    - The race starts in Kelantan and ends in Langkawi on Merdeka day (31.August).
    - A handicap system should be developed which takes into account the fuel consumption, the local contents of the boat and the emission.
    - local pre- races should be developed like a race around Pankor or Penang islands during the year.
  2. IMP-ish
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    IMP-ish powerboater

    It would be good to see new powerboat races like this.
    Races that drive technology.
    And that many can take part in.
    Powerboat racing has been in major decline,
    except for poker runs which aren't real races.
    Money and speed got too far from the common boater.
  3. m3mm0s rib
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    m3mm0s rib Senior Member

    very good idea non stop
  4. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    "Stock" boat racing ? I'm not sure if the ability to go faster trumps safety and functionality as a work boat, though.

  5. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Make sure the boats are liscensed fishing boats that are fully loaded and rigged for fishing, fully crewed. No purpose built lightweights.

    1000 miles is long range. very much fuel for a small green craft to carry.

    Perhaps 3 legs over two weeks. Choose upwind, downwind, reaching legs like a sailing race to prove design versatility.

    Additional legs mean additional port stops, better publicity, more competitors and a bigger prize money pot.

    First to finish is easily understood by spectators. Perhaps two classes according to power to weight ratios.
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