Good constant deadrise, hulled boats ?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by cyclops2, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Would this ride level like old wooden warped bottom boats?

    I feel like I am on a tread mill on picking a hull shape that has SIMILAR cruising speeds and ride characteristics of the Garwood, Hacker, era of boat designs.
    Showing this again.

    If built as shown. Do I wind up with a warped hull design ride boat ?
    The transom frame SEEMS to already have a built in SMALL V for stability at speed. Am I reading in too much from the amount of V in the last 3 frame stations ?

    Thank you.

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    Take note of the location of engine mass is in relation to the VEE. The flat run and lack of displacement aft. Take note of the structure amidships. That boat would offer fine performance and not drag its *** in displacement mode.

    Deep vee constant deadrise hulls are dogs when you must slow down in heavy weather.

    The type of hull pictured lost favour because the machinery occupies people space. Modern yachts stuff the engines aft to free up cockpit space. Move weight aft and must have a deep vee carried aft to float all that horsepower in the stern.

    Before deciding on your hull shape you must identify the speed and range of the hull you would like to build. Once again... range...big heavy fuel tanks require underwater hull volume... youre right back to a deep vee, constant deadrise.

    Moderate power, moderate range produces the best hull shape.

  3. cyclops2
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    The ACTUAL seating plan is for a "Gentlemans racer". We will only use the rear most bench seat for driver & " mechanic". The boat will run in " Vintage Class " staged ( not for real ) 5 lap heats.

    The race looks mostly real. But is not at all. Boat & crews have a huge diner & bar bill each " race night ".

    Thanks for the help on finalizing something for me.

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