Godzilla stumps me again

Discussion in 'Software' started by Kudzu, Jan 10, 2009.

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    OK someone tell me what is wrong with the file. I was doing OK creating the files on different boats. I exported the Michlet data from freeship. Inserted the Godzilla data from one of the examples and I can't find why this one will not run.

    Please don't just fix it, I want to know what is wrong since none of mine will work now. I assume it must be the same error.

    View attachment in.mlt
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    Hull displacement and Ship constrains: minimum and maximum displacement don't fit.
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    THere are 4 incompatibilities and 1 error:
    1. The set speed range is below the target speed.
    2. You do not have any seeds but have set a type 7 hull shape function. You need the 7 seeds. (Have no idea where 999.99 came from!)
    3. The displacement of the starter hull is many times greater than the target hull. The starter hull must be within the range of the optimised hull. (You should just work with metric units it avoids all the unnecessary conversion. I can work with both but metric makes a lot more sense. Millimetres is the normal precision required for a boat.)
    4. The length of the starter hull is outside the set range for the optimum hull. (Again pays to stick to metric as it avoids unnecessary conversions. Most of the world work in metric.)
    5. The draft of the starter hull is outside the range of the optimised hull. (Again why not stick with metric as it avoids a lot of grief with wrong conversions.)

    Why not start with a generic hull? It is described with

    (for example)

    Let Godzilla do the job of optimising from scratch. Take time to understand the constraints and use these to drive the performance parameters you seek. Your idea of what is optimum may vary significantly from what is optimum in reality.

    Rick W
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