Global cooling on the way, no warming at all!

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    its actually a pretty easy concept B. The amount of energy that hits the planet is x the amount that radiates is y, if you add insulation. less radiates but the same amount is still hitting it. = more potential energy in the system. That energy results in more extreme weather. Both cold and hot. But with a gradual warming trend. Which is exactly what is being observed.

    I'm really not sure how this big lie about cooling came about, I guess the oil and gas industry isn't done squeezing us for ever dime it can, and its propaganda machine is doing its best. But if you look at climate science, within the field there is almost no dissent concerning the issue. Could be a reason for that.

    If something like 97% of climate scientists all say one thing. Yet the public perception rests at 50/50, you might just have to admit that something is up. Maybe the media, who is unfortunately who the majority of people get there info, isn't explaining the science very well.


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    There was an interesting bet offered by some folks over at realclimate to the guys predicting cooling, years ago. Like about 08 ( woops 02 ) I think it was.

    Anyone curious how that bet worked out ?

    money talks, climate deniers, walk.

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