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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by ross794, Aug 31, 2010.

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    i have been wanting to build a glen l tnt for quite some time now. but i want something that i dont think has been done on a small boat like this. instead of a gas tank infront of ur feet i want to put a jet ski engine up there and have a torque converter conected to a shaft like an inboard. not sure of the angle or really how this will work yet, and not worried about reverse. dose anyone think this is possible. i do work in a machine shop to help aid in any parts i will have to make
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    If you are going to do something like that, you need to think about getting the weight distribution right. With the engine and jet drive up forward, you need to move the driver and passenger back to get it properly balanced.

    Figure that the old outboard that the TNT was designed around weighed about 100 pounds. Do a weight and balance about the trailing edge of the planing surface and make sure that you end up with the same weight distribution and you will be fine. If you put too much weight forward you will have a mess on your hands.

    Don't think you need a torque converter, just use the engine and jet pump like it came from the jet ski and it will all work just fine.

    Also be careful as to the jet pump inlet, a good idea would be to integrate the existing inlet from a the jet ski that is the donor for the pump and you should be cool.
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    "dose anyone think this is possible"



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    With it's current midship cockpit arrangement, it's very unlikely you can place an engine forward and shaft it to a jet aft (where it has to be). It would be possible to take a jet drive assembly (intact) and install it in the splash well area. Naturally, this will require a fair bit of "engineering on the fly" which judging by the original set of questions, suggests may be less then possible. In other words, if you think you need a torque converter to transfer shaft power to the jet or are considering placing the engine forward and jet aft or are just plane having difficulty "visualizing" these sets of variables, then you may not be best suited for this type of endeavor. It's best to have some understanding of how these things work and interact with each other before considering massive and radical changes to them.
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