Generic Prismatic Planing Hull & Grand Challenge

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    The Generic Prismatic Planing Hull may be of interest to anyone looking for a generic prismatic planing hull shape, and also for anyone looking for a set of calm water experimental data for a planing hull. From the report abstract:
    The Generic Prismatic Planing Hull was designed as a publicly releasable hull to facilitate distribution to government, contractors, and universities. The prismatic hull design was chosen to be representative of typical combatant craft while minimizing geometric variables such as warp, rocker and curvature in the transverse and longitudinal directions.
    The report with the calm water test results for six speeds is available for download:

    The hull design is being used for a comparison of calm water planing simulations with the results to be presented at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference in July 2018. More information and a link to a file which includes an IGES model of the GPPH is available at the bottom of Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2018 It will be interesting to see how well the various simulations match the experimental results, particularly as the experimental results have been published.
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