Generating hull offsets for the ORC VPP is so annoying...

Discussion in 'Software' started by Claudio Valerio Parboni, Sep 14, 2021.

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    So here I am trying to optimize a hull shape for my company, and I get to use the amazing ORC VPP...
    Now... I am fairly new to this software and I am used to WUMTIA's Windesign4, but besides that, I could easily learn the whole UI and inputs in a couple of days, the nightmare comes when the VPP asks for the hull, which is submitted through an .off file...

    To generate said offset file, you can download the official ORC rhino plug-in, which is cool and all... BUT IT DOESN'T quite work: it doesn't define sheerline points, it doesn't define the vertical gap between the appendages and the hull, it doesn't define the LOA, it doesn't define which station is the forward and aft freeboard... all it does is giving you an array of points that you have to manually check and edit yourself to complete the thing.

    So in the end, something that should be "plug n'play" becomes a 20-30min long surgical operation of checking a looooong text file, loading it in the VPP and hope it runs first try (or check it all again).


    has anyone found a smarter / faster way of generating hull offsets without all this hassle?


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