General Arrangement of A Ro Ro ship

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by saurabh11july, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. saurabh11july
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    saurabh11july New Member

    I m doing my final year project on a Ro Ro ship.....

    m finding it difficult to draw the GA of the ship....

    does anyone has a GA of a typical PCTC......
  2. jehardiman
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    Not to be harsh, but if you are having trouble with a GA of a RoRo you are not ready to graduate or be given a degree. There are literaly hundreds of GA's out there for RoRo's that a little searching will turn up...I know SD&C has several and one or two appear in marine magazines at any one time.
    FWIW, your senior project should not copy anything. Hey, this is the fun part! You will not get to do another design where you are in total control for many years to come. This is the time to put all your skills on display. If you don't take the intellectual exercise to make the compromises in the GA, you will never understand why they were made.
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