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    Please find attached a new upgraded/updated version 2,4 of the Gene-Hull VE Canoe spreadsheet application dedicated to the generation of hull for a Canoe project, including in particular :
    - a new formulation of the V and E sections, allowing now a tumblehome shape quite common for a Canoe design
    - a subroutine to deal with the various loading and the corresponding stability issue,
    - a VPP spreadsheet, connected to the output of the Gene-Hull one, and computing a drag estimation and a speed expectation for a given propulsion net power,

    You can use this application with either Open office or Libre Office,

    A User guide with a lot of illustrations (and in annex the formulations used), and 2 examples of a Tandem Canoe design without and with tumblehome shape, are also here attached. The spreadsheet application is provided with the input data corresponding to the example with tumblehome shape.

    By hoping this can be helpful for your projects,

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