Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repair Training

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    Contact American Boat Restoration for gelcoat and fiberglass repair training. Over 37 yrs experience - Training classes have helped improve the quality of repair work for those with experience and a perfect learning class for those with no prior experience. Classes can be adjusted to the needs of students upon request. References and testimonials are available.
    The hands on class covers gelcoat repair skills- color restoration, color tinting, random non-skid, grinding out to prep a repair, mixing, spraying, sanding, compounding, buffing, etc. He also covers repair techniques for osmotic blisters, holes, airvoids, stress cracks, fractures and gashes.
    Students are given a binder to keep with all the techniques covered in the class, an equipment list and where to buy all the supplies you need to do repairs after you leave the class. The only item students need to provide are their own vapor mask. Classes are small for more personal training. Two student max. per class day.Polyflake Repair Training is also available.
    Whatever the level of experience is, this class is worth taking. Mobile Training is available for Marine Repair facilities, Marinas and Yacht Clubs facilities. Call 518.577.7799 for more info
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