Furling Systems suitable for racing dinghy

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by G.R.F, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Hey Boatdesign folk, I probably should have come here a while ago.

    So in short I'm about to set out on a bit of a project to get a racing dinghy built to my own spec and during the comings and goings, I've a mind to attempt a furling jib/gennaker/genoa, no real name for it, call it a 'Spinnajib' for want of a better term (don't like the name screecher it sounds ghey and it's not a jib anyway).

    So the advice I'm seeking is the best furling system that would do what I'm after, which is a sail that starts off as a Jib, then unfurls further as the pole goes forward, and a traveller arrangement adjusts to a secondary position further back.

    I'm minded to get the sail built in two different weight cloths, the jib bit using say Technora which is quite light and sturdy, then the larger bit say Cuben which is also light and quite thin so should furl well.

    And the whole lot needs to be ditched a la conventional assym kite in the event of the wind overwhelming my sorry lightweight ***.

    So, that's the Gist of it.

    My question remains really good light weight furling systems?
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    Good to see you here, GRF. The WETA has an excellent system BUT it is designed to be used in a one-design class where everybody has the same penalty with the furled sail drag upwind.
    As I understand your idea you want a system that is actually two sails: jib upwind and screecher downwind(sorry ,but thats what it is). It might work in a one design class but if you're going to race in an open class all that extra sail furled around the forestay will kill you upwind.
    Good Luck!
    PS-can you post any pix of your design?
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