Fung resistance and power?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Zeus, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Zeus New Member

    i can't seem to find the answer anywhere, so i thought i would put it to you guys. What is fung resistance and power (as produced by by seakeeper)? how does it differ from total hull resistance and power requirements. I have modeled for both a service speed of 25 knots, and a max speed of 35knots.
    Thanks for all your help,
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    From the Hullspeed documentation -

    This algorithm is applicable for resistance prediction of displacement ships with transom stern hull forms (generally used for larger vessels than Compton). The regression is based on data from tests on 739 models at the David Taylor model basin and consists over 10 000 data points.

    Fung, S.C. and Leibman, L. "Revised Speed-Dependent Powering Predictions for High-Speed Transom Stern Hull Forms" FAST '95: Third International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, Lubeck-Travemunde, September 1995.
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    I always thought it was the drag produced when Chinese sword fighters ran on the top of the water in those movies.

    Sui Fung's algorithm is a means of determining residuary resistance of slender fast displacement vessels (i.e. destroyers and such) and was published in a SNAME Chesapeake section paper and in Transactions of SNAME as well as Fast '95. He works at NSWCCD (the current name for David Taylor Model Basin) inthe Hydromechanics Directorate. Some of his papers may be on their website.
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    Davor Naval Arch.

    Siu C. Fung is one resistance method for fast boats. I have it programmed in SeaPower.


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    Hello everyone!I m Serdar from Istanbul.I am a new member of this forum.I know this thread is very old but I want to reply.I have a presentation about Fung Resistance and Power Prediction Method.I need Fung's papers.If someone has I wish to take them.It is really important for me.Thanks..
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