Funding Amnon Mike Cohen's inventions

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by AmnonMikeCohen, Jun 5, 2008.

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    masalai masalai

    How about "the next great depression" - - - or on a lighter note - - "escape to the Pacific Islands" - - - "Living sustainably on a boat"

    What offers?
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    Hey I resemble that comment! and as for my mate the Carpenter, as long as he's got a beer he don't give a stuff (a few cabbages and oysters help mind) about all this talk of sealing wax and kings and things!
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    masalai masalai

    Nice to know you are wanted or not wanted - I was not even included???? just quoted hehehe
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    After seeing two new posts from Amnon in another thread and still no response to my question, I made the following two post in that other thread. They are pertinent to this thread so please read them:

    I also went out of my way again to send Mr. Cohen yet another private email message in case he fails to see my new posts. Here is the new message content:

    Subject: Let's discuss the funding issue privately ...
    From: Kenneth Grome <>
    Date: 06/15 11:57

    Dear Amnon,

    Let us continue where we left off in the

    > But my expectation is that there must be the interest and
    > commitment by a principal investor or partner able to
    > meet the terms of investment as described in my simple
    > website.

    Amnon, in the real world the terms are set by the investor,
    not by the borrower. Unfortunately you seem to be saying
    that you (the borrower) should have the right to control
    the terms of the investment. Is this correct?

    I look forward to receiving your prompt reply to this
    question via private email. Thanks and best regards!

    Ken Grome
    Bagacay Boatworks

    I don't really have any way to 'prove' I sent him this email, but I did. I hope he responds this time because this is the fourth time I've asked him the same question and I still don't have his answer ... :(

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    AmnonMikeCohen Inventor

    Thank you Ken, for following up our comunications, by private email

    :) Thank you Mr. Kenneth Grome, for following up our initial communications here, as suggested by readers as well as myself, and for your response today by private email to me; as to our continuing the more private discussion on this technological news opportunity, discussions which do not comply with the designated and popular use of this information sharing website, as our continuous discussion deals with the new business development issues needed to be resolved prior to sharing the details of the new knowhow we aim to share with the readership of Boat Design website.
    While this will potentially lead to such public disclosure in the near or longer term future, the actual commercialization opportunity is not of interest to most readers and does not comply with the key designated use of this website, so I thank you for contacting me beyond this thread and website, by your personal email to me on this project, a project I trust you like to help become part of public knowhow after it has been protected from potential abuse and the risks of wrong and unsafe products being offered to mariners by people who will not know the secrets of my developed technologies plus R&D knowhow.
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