Fuel Pump or no?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by seaARK03, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Fellow boat owners,

    I have a 1999 suzuki DT40, i was recently out fishing the flats and was moving to a new spot and my motor just died, (trolling motored in 3miles against tide GO MINNKOTA) this has happend before and it was just water in the fuel. so i have replaced fuel/water seperator and inline fuel filter (pretty gummed up) and i still cannot get it to run. I can get the motor to fire and run (only at idle speed) if i start it w/ starter fluid and then keep tapping the electric choke so as to close the butterfly and suck enough fuel in to keep it from stalling....are these symptoms of a burn't out fule pump and how much would a pump for a 40hp cost, please post soon, october redfish season is in full swing here! thanks-nate
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    Running your motor on ether for any length of time is really bad. Two strokes need oil in the fuel to lubricate internal parts. Changing parts without troubleshooting is a very expensive way of repairing a motor. Also, if the problem is still there, the new parts may be damaged.
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    Fuel pump or no ?

    Sounds like the carburetter jets are (a) blocked; (b) incorrectly set; or at worst the carby is worn out. But first check the gaskets for air leaks.
    Or more simply - are you using the correct oil/pertol ratio ? Too much oil would give a similar 'choke' effect - a smokey exhaust will offer a clue.
    As to costs for replacement - sorry, no idea.

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    try lifting fuel tank above engine to gravity feed. If then runs ok, its the fuel pump.
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