FSI in Ansys workbench 14.0

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by arun_naval, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Hi ALL,

    I have just started my Phd in FSI regarding hydroelasticity of ships. The main concern is to establish a 2 way coupling between CFD(RANS) and ANSYS. So while going through the workbench i had a major doubt. This could be a little silly but hope you could guide me.

    I am using ANSYS 14 in the uni and i understand it is possible to do a 2 way coupling using FLUENT.While going through the steps i saw that once the 2 analysis systems are launched, and coupled the geometries are also linked. This is so that they are updated together right? In my case i think i will have to set up the geometry and meshing in ICEM as the meshing tool in DM is not so good, and then i can export to fluent. But if i import a mesh after that in the FLUENT analysis system the geometry link is gone and only the setup link shows. Is this Ok when i am doing a 2 way coupling? I mean is it necessary that i have to explicitly use the geometry and meshing in the Fluent workbench analysis tool or can i use any software for meshing and later load it?

    I am yet to read the manuals completely but before doing that and finding that i can't if you could guide me, i would be able to save a lot of time.

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