From solid model to sheet metal

Discussion in 'Software' started by paditrade, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. paditrade
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    paditrade New Member

    Hi guys, I need some advice here on building a boat hull. I have already built the solid model of the hull using SolidWorks (SW) by using surfaces. However, to get to the manufacturing, I need to transform the solid model/surfaces into sheetmetal, SW can't do that complex bending, as far as I know. Could you suggest a way to turn my solid model/surfaces into sheet metal?
  2. Arrowmarine
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    Arrowmarine Senior Member

    I have a method, but it's tedious and time consuminug, however pretty accurate. I will email you the procedure tomorrow, as time does not allow tonight. Sorry.
    Peace Joey
  3. duluthboats
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    SolidWorks has a plug-in or had a while back, SurfaceWorks, it will do what you want. I saw the demo for it but not sure of the accuracy. It will work on developable and non-developable surfaces. On the non-developable surface you some control of the warp.

  4. paditrade
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    paditrade New Member

  5. paditrade
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    paditrade New Member

    Hi Gary,

    I've check SurfaceWorks. I think it has to go with the Flattener to flaten surfaces. However, do you know any software that has a working demo?
  6. Thunderhead19
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    Rhino does plate development and they have a free downloadable demo at they also have a plug in for flattening non-developable surfaces.
  7. CGN
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    TouchCad will flatten your surfaces and I believe the demo is available good alternative to rhino and expander the plug in for plate development, or surfaceworks and flattener, also prosurf has plate development features, this is a good option IMO.

    you can export your surface form solidworks into prosurf and do the development there probasic can import iges files (no trimmed surfaces will be the best way)

    TouchCad you need to input your vertexes of the surface from solidworks and recreate those surfaces inside the software, it can be done maybe not as easier as the other options.
  8. ludesign
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    TouchCAD 3.5, which came out in a first public beta a couple of days ago, can do stretch unfold calculations and dynamic tension analysis as you balance the calculations. It provides a dynamic link between the 3D model and the unfolded patterns and you can even deform the 3D shape and see it update i realtime, including seeing how the tensions mode. It enables you to laminate several layers on top of one another, for example for strips of plywood or carbon fiber. It provides parametric overlaps, automatic panel numbering, alignment marks, direction, the ability to combine sub-strips into groups, etc. It comes with a built in nesting guide where you can do the cut layout- still without loosing the dynamic link to the 3D model. You can convert a rounded hull into a clinker built hull in seconds and apply overlaps parametrically. It does very high resolution image unfolding (up to about 75 megapixels PER IMAGE). All built in into TouchCAD without any expensive external plug-ins.

  9. Navaldesign
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    Navaldesign Dr. Eng.

    Workshop, the construction part of the Maxsurf suite, will also do exactly that. Export your model as IGES, import it in Maxsurf and save it as native .msd file. Then open it in Workshop and following the Help instructions define your plates. The "Calculate all plates" command will expand your plates. Information about areas, weights and CG are available in the "Parts" window. Stress analysis is also available. In the past I have developed the plates of rather difficult hulls for round bilged fishing vessels with bulbous bows and had a precision of 3 - 4 mm on plates 12x2 mt.
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