fresh water plumbing pressure tank?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by sdowney717, May 25, 2015.

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    sdowney717 Senior Member

    We have a 12 vdc water pressure pump for the fresh water copper pipes.
    The pump of course comes on with every turn of the faucet. And if you just trickle flow, pump will quickly cycle off and on.
    Do boats sometimes have an air pressure container to keep their pumps from fast cycling?
    I was thinking an upside down air tank, the pump would pressure the system, and the air tank would slow down the pump cycling off and on.
    I had been thinking even an old 2 lb propane cannister might be adaptable to the task?
    Or is it not going to be worth the trouble having little benefit?
    The pump works very well but is very noisy maybe due to being hard connected to the copper water pipes. There is no rubber hose.
    Any ideas?
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    Go to Home Depot or a big hardware or plumbing shop and purchase a tank.

    The tank will hold at least 2 gal, tho if you have the room 6gal is better.

    There will be a Schrader valve (like for car tire filling ) so you can adjust the pressure.

    There will be a diaphram inside between the water and air section.

    Fill it 5 lbs BELOW the pump cut in pressure .

    Your pump will last 2 or 3 times longer , tho the accumulator tank does take up room below.

    Be sure to winterize (drain ) it if needed.

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