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Discussion in 'Software' started by laukejas, Jul 28, 2012.

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    As I now almost finished my first sailboat (catamaran), I clearly understood that I want to make a monohull. Multihull was so expensive, difficult and time consuming, that I won't try that again in a lifetime.

    I plan to make this new sailboat 2 years from now (for summer). Maximum length will be up to 5 meters (to be able to transport on car's roof, and also to make parts from two 2.5m length plywood sheets, since there aren't any longer).

    So I decided that since my budget is extremely limited (350 dollars for everything, including rigging, sails, absolutely everything), and I wish to make this boat a bit race-worthy (not chasing for first places in regattas, but something reasonable), I want to squeeze as good prismatic coefficient as possible, since I can't make longer sailboat.

    In other terms, I wish to spend some time learning about hull construction, so that I can make perfect shape with the money and length I have.

    And I found this FreeShip software, which is extremely useful for this learning, to see what does what, experiment, plan, and so on. Very useful.
    But since I'm green at hull construction, I don't understand most of that program. I passed that main tutorial which describes how to work with points, edges and faces, and got hang of it, I can now make pretty much any shape I want, but I can't any more tutorials on how to use all the tools - hydrostatics and resistance calculator, how to interpret it, how to optimize hull shape for speed and stability, and so on. You know. The next step. I looked in manual, but it doesn't provide much guidance for newbie.

    So are there any tutorials that continue from where I am now?
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