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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by oddball, Nov 30, 2003.

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    43' Richardson Aft-cabin Motoryacht

    "Price reduction!!!! Free boat to anyone who can move the boat by the 1st of December. If you have a slip and a tow boat the boat is yours. Call the cell phone only. Our office is very busy and only Vic has time for the calls. This boat needs a new home. Would make nice live-aboard, weekend retreat or project.

    Contact Qualified Yacht Brokerage listing agent Vic McQuaide mobile 619.417.4550 for more info."

    I dont know if this is a joke or typo ..but if it is not my guess is the boat is already gone, but if you live in cali a call might not hurt
    check out the pics ..its not a wreck
  2. yipster
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    yipster designer

    1st of December.
    think a call might not hurt anymore? did like the lines better of that, what was it.. a 1/2K 52 ft eggharbour? but hell, i would unholy (spelled rite?) think: in worsed case scenario it still make good firewood? i.o.w. i'm only guessing and dont understand eighter, whats the story behind ads like this?
  3. oddball
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    I dont know yip.but my father did tell me a story about a brand new porche fore sale once .asking price was $ turns out the guys wife thought he was cheating on her and sold his porche for $ If anyone shouild call please tell us what the story is
  4. TheFisher
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    My first thought was it was just a bait for an upsale but then I noticed it said a boat to tow it would be needed. Sure would be nice to hear the story on that one.

  5. Saltyredfisher
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    Wonder who was the lucky one that got that. lol
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