Free "Starlite" plans. Are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Eigersa, Nov 4, 2022.

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    From the Nazarov site.


    Though our technical documentation for stock design is very complete, these designs are mainly intended for professional boat builders. Most of them are NOT intended for amateur boat builders and do require certain skills and equipment for their construction, as well as the knowledge of boatyard practices and standard details. If You are an amateur boat builder and looking for simple boat with step-by-step instructions and extensive designer’s support, please contact any other designer working in the niche of amateur boatbuilding.
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    Thanks so much for the advice, I do appreciate it

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    This is perfect, thank you for the time to post the link!

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    Here are the offer of our most popular architect for amateur buildings in France, François Vivier boats, with also building done worldwide. His site in English :
    François Vivier Architecte Naval
    I recommend you to start with a relatively small boat, something less than 7m , less than 1 ton.
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    ... for example the Jewell "Fontana" built by an Australian, looks well adapted for coastal easy sailing , without complexity :

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    Hello, William Jackson was a competent designer, and Starlight is, I believe, his largest design. Jackson has been noted as one of the earliest designers to work creatively with plywood. Also, in terms of Starlight, he cruised the original down the Mississippi, into the Gulf (of Mexico), and down the Florida peninsula accompanied by his wife, Rosemary and his then young daughter. The boat was designed more as a motor sailor than a pure sailboat, but sail she could and would. I would avoid any changes to the design (the too frequent house changes of the tyro). If the plans are followed, you'll end up with a really nice little boat. Although not perhaps apparent at first sight, Starlight is about as close as possible to a small L.F.Herreshoff cruiser as can be found in sheet plywood construction.

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    There is enough info in the plans if you know what you are looking at. And what you may not know could be got from youtube or a book like Beauhlers backyard boatbuilding.

    However, the plans from Whisstock design are up to date, George is very helpfull.......and his plans are cheap. The George Beaulher book contains plans for several sail and motor boats and well worth finding a seconhand copy, if you may think old style methods are more suitable thanlots of epoxy.

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    Unfortunately George passed away in 2018, however his web site is still up and his books are readily available. George Buehler Yacht Design – Custom and Production Yacht Design I don't know if they are still selling his plans, but there is no indication on the web site that they are not. He has a couple of designs for small sailboats that are right in the length that you are looking for. I had corresponded with him about another matter and had several of his books. He was a remarkable designer and builder. There are literally hundreds of his boats afloat here in the Pacific Northwest.
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