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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Wynand N, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Past Monday marked my final tenure as boatbuilder and made my retirement official :cool:

    Reason? I gave all my GRP molds away and the person collected past Monday. To cut ties completely, I did not even took a parting photo shot of the overloaded trucks and trailers leaving. :cool:

    What did I gave away?
    Brand new 6m day sailor boat hull mold which I designed to be a modern one design in my country but I lost interest - mold was taken of plug and not even polished or used and set aside.
    Furthermore, Two complete bass boat molds of 4.5 and 5 meter LOA with sub moldings, smaller dingy molds, few canoe molds of different designs and unfinished smaller plywood cat to be completed. Added to the bunch was some miscellaneous molds.

    Every so often I was nagged by someone to build a canoe or dinghy etc but people see the molds in my backyard, and fail to understand I am retired from boats. Always, "please, just another last one for me" and the best part, they will still nag when you give them a very reasonable price. :(
    Now they are screwed, and I'm set free....and can get my backyard garden sorted out again to get into the good books of the missus which I badly need. BTW, did I ever told you guys the devil is my brother in law??
  2. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Welcome to the retired boat building club !!!!
    Just you and me and if some one else comes along there'll be three !! Yipee
    I sold a heap of stuff packed the rest , sold the house , sent the wife and kids packing , bought a plane ticket to any where and now in China In the thick of it again !! Life is sweet , hookers galore , sweet little things , Three steps into the room and they are naked on the bed with there legs up . Foods cheap company pays the room and all else , get picked up and taken to work , and bought home at the end of the day .
    I been doing this for a while now!, First Japan , then Korea , and now china .No work in New Zealand so had to get away to stay sane ! what ever that is . question ! How do you measure sanity ? where do they shove the thermometer ?? :D
  3. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    May be from the actual work....but you'll always be offering your expert advice, looking at what is going on down the marina..or in magazine.

    It's the sea's in "our" genes :)

  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    This means you are officially in denial, though congratulations anyway . . .
  5. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    This means you are officially in denial
    Denial of old age yes ! The body say other wise each morning when i get out of bed stiff and takes a while to get moving . The mind never grew past 42 years of age , All the young girls agree the body still works just takes a little longer to get there and makes it more enjoyable !!.:p
    I still turn in a days work each day and enjoy what i do . So much for retirement !:eek:
    I love it !!! :D
  6. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member


    Hi Wynand, I like the quote sooooo much that I had to repeat it!
    Anyway sport, I fully understand where you have been the past couple of years ( I have been in all your factories personally ) and you and your wife have always been very gracious hosts when I slept over at your house.

    So yeah, understood.

    But remember, we still have to get the micro flying, so dont go tooooo soft on me OK ?

    go man go ;)

    Tunnels, what industry are you involved in ?
    the rest of course is what REALLY interests me, but just to be polite, I shall first enquire about your health, wellbeing, and all the other "polite" BS
    the you can expand on ??
    I know Wynand well enough that he would also like to know :p
  7. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Boats are my first love!and always have been , then Fibreglass and making anything from fibreglass !
    My new and very exciting pass time i re-discovered Girls !!
    Note not women but girls , from the ages of 20 to 25 up to 30 if im unluck .
    They know what they have come for so start undressing when the door snaps shut ! I just have to drop my towl , Boy o boy asian girls have nice bodies and there skin is like pure silk , they sure know how to please both visually and physicly and get right to the task at hand if you can remember what i mean .
    Health has never been better, who needs viaga ??
    Mentally , my mind is stimulated and getting better by the day!! ,
    Physicly! managing to keep it up and making it last longer than ever before !
    And its oh so much more enjoyable at this time of life !! just go to it like it might be your last and give it all you got , Gona die with a smile on my face thats for sure .
    Its like being a teen ager all over again , but lots better this time round !! . Now i know what makes a young girl gasp for air and squeel and moan out loud ! . I got ear muffs hanging on the wall above the bed and get funny looks when they ask what are they for !!
    Have a phone list locked in my mobile , quick dial on my way home from work and by the time im showered and shaved and smelling nice its time to pucker up and answer the door bell . Better than being married !!! Been there done that twice .No head aches and you can have sex with your eyes open and see that sweet young thing smiling back at you all the while .
    When its over they get up, clean up and we shower again , if all is right it sometimes gets a repeat rerun , then its huggs and cuddles and sweet kisses and shes gone home till next time ! Its an almost perfect world, Just how it should be . With a list of 4 girls life is interesting specially when two are friends ! Ever had a threesome ? Now thats mans greatest fantasy . Man it so good !!!!

    Hookers are legal in New Zealand and its wonderful !!Its the one and only good thnig the government has ever done !, Had a short list there before i came here as well .The girls have a good web site and its well organised all ages and shapes and sizes to fit all any time any where any how .
    When i go back for a few days i just change the simcard in my the phone and its all there .
    Hookers at home are totally squeeky clean and beautifully dressed and groomed Shower before and after and change of sheets and all the towls etc etc .
    Does your old lady shower 10 times a day and look like a barby doll when you come home ?? does she pamper you and give you a massage and gently stimulate hector and make him sit up and look proud of himself then give him a kiss for being a good boy ?
    A bunch of flowers and a few bucks in you hand they are putty believe me .While writting this I just had a call from one of my young ladies to say happy chinese new year ! She wakes up and travels 30 minutes and comes here at 4am in the morning because she knows thats when hector is most active in this household and after im wide awake and not late to catch my ride to work. Shes gorgous and only 21 years old !! Jessus life is good !!! Thank you GOD !!
    Im here because the boating scene in nz is at rock bottom and has been for some time and will be for a while longer yet .A friend and i were out of work for more than a year, Lucky his wife had a good job and he was a kept man! me i had to leave the country after i sold my house .
  8. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Tunnels, I salute you :D You make us MCP's proud. You are the pervert we dream to be - difference though, you and Hector are living it at the full:cool:

    Manie my friend. Life is short and we still have some things to do like;

    1. When my Lotus 7 is finished, we gonna rock Pretoria in that 170Kw, 590kg turbo charged demon - I already has my WW1 leather flying cap and glasses and suggest you get yours soon for these thrill rides to come.

    2. Because I have some interest in that fabulous micro cruiser you are building, we still have some sailing waiting and the round the island race next year January we gonna do.

    3. Microlight flying - will be delighted to go with you:cool: I think I never told you, but I started my PPL in 1998 and accumulated 24 hours in Cesna 172 & 182 craft before I ran out of greenbacks and lost interest.

    BTW Manie, Im going to Pretoria / Boksburg probably coming Monday or definitely Tuesday for chemicals and other stock - if you are around, what are the chances for popping in at your place for a coffee or better still, some Scotch medicine:?:

    And here is the great man at work in one of my shops removing a plug from mold during one of his visits :cool:

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  9. cthippo
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    cthippo Senior Member

    Do they need a good EMT over there?

    Where do I sign up?
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