Free 25' Tennant Spyder Mk2 catamaran hulls

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Tom.151, Dec 6, 2009.

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    I have a Spyder Mk2 catamaran (25'loa x 16'boa) designed by Malcolm Tennant that has to be removed before the 15th of December -- or it has to go into the dumpster on the 15th.

    So I am going to offer the hulls to anyone who would like to do a resto on this boat. Also available separately: the wing mast with shrouds for free -and/or- the aluminum crossbeams for scrap value.

    EDIT -12/11- Full package w/ 5 sails (near new laminate fat head full batten main), 8:1 fast-slow mainsheet and Harken traveler. Harken self-tacking jib car & traveler. Gorgeous dagger rudders and daggerboards - looks like from female molds. All up $1,500.00 or better offers - cash in hand.

    If you can respond in a timely manner then it would be great if we could save this great little cruiser/racer.

    Located - North Shore of Boston, Mass. USA

    Those interested can call me at 978-306-3989

    PS A complete package including like new sails (new full batten main) and much quality hardware is available VERY cheap if you can remove the boat before the 15th of December
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    Tennant Spyder Mk 2

    Hi There,

    might have seen this post to late in the play, I can only hope someone got it before she went to the skip. I often come across people looking for little Tennant boats this size, and if its still available and you have some photos I would be happy to put it on the Tennant Design Web site to see if we can find it a happy home

    Kind regards
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