Freda - Oldest yacht on the US west coast

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by JosephT, Jun 5, 2014.

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    I love the 'engine turned' brass instrument panel. Really nice touch when putting a modern Aux Engine Gauge Panel into a classic wooden yacht. Anyone with a small drill press fitted with a fence and a steady hand can do this. For the smaller patterns you can use a wood dowel with some abrasive polishing compound. The best tool is a felt bob used by Gunsmiths and Jewlers with valve lapping cutting oil. There is a spring loaded holder you can get to chuck up in the drill press which assures even pressure on the felt fob, $40. I've only done larger patterns for decoritive panels using Scotch Brite type polishing pads, the same seen in this video;

    You can get various size Felt Bobs from Mcmaster Carr, also prepreg with polish;

    Here is the spring loaded holder from a Gunsmith Supply Store, they also have SS wire engine turning brushes (bristles or full area, not just circumference like wire brush cups)
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