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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Vaughn, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    Hi Grant...

    I did decide to buy the 248 Vista. We had a look at the only other one here on the Gold Coast and were very impressed. It arrives mid-April and we can't wait.

    I will let you know more after I take it for a spin.

  2. Mr Boats

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    Well i am a marine mechanic living in Australia that specialises in American boats, I have worked for a Bayliner dealer in the past and have also worked on a number of Searay's and Maxum's, I now work for one of the Australian "Four Winns" dealerships, and we are currently out selling Bayliner, Maxum and Searay dealers, not to mention Australian built boats.

    We have very few customer complaints, but as you would expect from a mass produced boat there is always some tiny teething problems. I can honestly say that Four Winns boats are a " force to be reckoned with "
  3. BillyD
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    BillyD New Member

    248 Vista

    Vaughn, we too are purchasing a 248 vista and would like your feedback when you get a chance to test yours. We looked at many manufacturers in the 24-26ft space and kept coming back to the four winns. Let us know your findings.


  4. kristin
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    kristin New Member

    to anyone interested

    I have a 04 sundowner 205 with all the accessories, an awsome boat
    however i am selling it due to family comittments and my new born son.
    I won't have much time to use it, if anyone is interested pleas reply to
    my email :
  5. Dean Guilberry
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    Dean Guilberry New Member

    Better than your average fluff boat

    While it isnt a fishing boat rest assured that this boat is more than your average fluff boat. There is no wood (other than on the steering wheel) in structural areas like decking and stringers etc. The whole thing is fiberglass and has one of the best clear gell coats with u/v protectant. Same for the seats. They can last in harsh environments unless left in direct sunlight for years. (anything will die around the coast if left in direct sunlight unprotected)
    Anyway all of the carpet snaps in and out in less than 5 minutes so when I do go fishing it is easy. It has self bailing cockpit and is easy to clean!
    Overall I have been happy with mine. If I lived at the coast I would have probably spent the extra $$$ and got a Grady White or Boston Whaler but oh well I am very happy wiht my 205 sundowner.

  6. Gilbert
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    Gilbert Senior Member

    I'm glad to see comments by people who actually own and use the various models discussed here. That is a lot more helpful than someone who has not owned a particular boat or brand repeating negative hearsay about them. If you have owned a particular brand or model and used it a lot for ten years I will be very keen to hear what you have to say about it.
    I have a very good friend who I would call a discriminating buyer who bought a twelve year old Bayliner Trophy about four years ago. He bought it mostly because of the price and it would be a boat that was suitable enough to use while he looked for a boat that he liked better. Last year he bought a little bigger and a little newer........................Bayliner Trophy.
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