Formula to compare 2 structures

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    I will try to explain with my poor English.
    On a French forum we have a discussion to compare two type of principle of building
    First one named (in French !!);) Strongall "flat"ticker plating and nothing behin
    or conventional buiding with plating less tick, frame and stiffener and little "curved" plating .:confused:

    I am not clear at all !!

    First example :
    plating 15 mm height of the plate 2000 mm and 1860 mm large, flat.

    Second example :
    plating 10 mm, height of the plate 2000 mm and 1860 mm large , with to frames of 110X12 section ( in the 2000 mm direction), stiffeners of 60X8 mm each 300 mm and a curve of 68 mm for the 2000mm height.

    I want to compare the difference of the 2 structure, for each flat part I could (may be :D) calculate that but I don't take all in "interaction" with the curvature ?

    If someone could help he will be welcomed;)

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