Ford Lehman 120 HP diesel engine replacement

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by lnelson39, Jun 2, 2014.

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    We have a overheated engine with blown head gasket and metal in a 1983 Ocean Alexander trawler. The boat is located in Superior, WI. in the water. Suggestions for getting the boat operational as it was sold. Looking for a good diesel mechanic to remove the blown engine and replacing it. What should this operation cost for the engine and the labor to install and check out the engine operation? I have one quote for a rebuilt engine with all new or rebuilt accessories except the alternator. The blown engine has 2900 hours. The survey showed a hull in exceptional good shape. The other engine checked out good on the test cruise. Might consider selling the boat as is. Cell Phone is 816 255 6510.
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    The usual hassle is how hard it is to remove the engine.

    Some have to be almost completely dis assembled and carries in pieces up a companionway by a number of folks.

    Some have a hatch so the engine can be removed with simple hoist , then a fork lift.

    It is usually far cheaper to rebuild the existing engine , or replace it with an identical unit.

    Paying $50-$100 an hour for the work SPEED is critical.

    Personally I would only have the work done on a price fixed contract , by the hour can be a financial disaster.

    Ocean Alexander might have an owners board , you cant be the first with a blown engine,

    Good Hunting!
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