Folding system - like scarab trimarans

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Vector77, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Vector77
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    Vector77 Junior Member

    Do you have any experiences with folding system like scarab has? I found some information on the internet and it looks like easier to build and also cheaper, am I right?
  2. tamas
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    tamas Junior Member

    Hi, I don't have any knowledge of the scarab folding system although a friend has a scarab 22. Mine is a bit crude but it works fine, very easy to operate. It was a pain to work out the geometry though. I used pieces of timber bolted to my carport post, made the neighbors wonder what tha!! haha. I have attached a couple of pic. Good luch

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  3. John Perry
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    John Perry Senior Member

    That's a very nice looking boat your have built, and a nice simple implementation of the well known Farrier folding system. Would you like to tell us more about it? Have you got a rig yet? Presumably the floats are from a Tornado or similar catamaran and main hull is a simple plywood structure. Not much indoors, low headroom, but I guess that is not your priority.
  4. tamas
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    tamas Junior Member

    Hi John, I have a blog at if you want to have a bit of a look. The amas are a Hobie 20 and the rig is also from the Hobie 20. I raided as many bits as I could from it including the trailer. I was looking at other folding options and in the end bit the bullet and work this one out. It was not easy as I mentioned. I have a friend who has now devised something I think is better but not available when I built. I will post something about his boat later.

    The main hull is ply, something quick and easy to build to get me on the water. And under rated I think. I just wanted a day sailor/racer. That is why there is no cabin. But I can store some gear in there.

    I have not sailed as much as I would have liked because my crew started to work away and my new crew hurt his back. I did not want to train a newbie on a bout like this, it happens to quick. This season I should be able to get back into it and update my blog with sailing performance.


  5. bruceb
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    Vector, I purchased a set of Scarab plans for a project I am working on. They are very inexpensive, and you should be able to build a good folder from them with locally available materials. The folding system drawings are well detailed.
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