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    First 2018 awards, Feb 11, 2019:

    The foiling awards 2018 ceremony was held on February 11th in a location where the history of foiling was hovering directly above the crowd: the majestic Luna Rossa AC72 from San Francisco cup edition was in fact just meters away at the "Leonardo Da Vinci" Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia in Milan, allowing guests to appreciate the catamaran silver livery.

    The evening was also the opportunity for Foiling WeekTM to launch the Projects S.A.S., the world first foiling boat allowing able and disabled sailors to fly together.

    The idea, devised by Foiling WeekTM, was introduced to demonstrate the FW core values: Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability. Designed by foiling guru Guillaume Verdier, the first prototype, the IRUS 5.5, is under construction in Lorient: the boat is a mini-IMOCA with dali foils, swing keel and double T rudders .

    Once tested with modified seats and controls the new boat will be built at the world class facilities of Persico Marine.

    The award winners:

    Foiling Sailor presented by GAC Pindar for best foiling sport achievement
    - Glen Ashby

    Foiling Design presented by Persico Marine projects still in design or in early production phase
    - America's Cup Ac75 (Emirates Team New Zealand – luna Rossa Challenge)

    Production Foiling Boat presented by Gurit foiling craft already in production and being sailed
    - Manta Moth

    One Off Foiling Boat presented by Gurit foiling craft not intended for production, being sailed
    - Monofoil Gonet

    Foiling Innovation by Foiling WeekTM foiling design solutions applied to flight control / design / construction, excluding hull construction
    - America's Cup AC75 Foil set up (Emirates Team New Zealand – luna Rossa Challenge)

    Foiling Sustainability presented by Torqeedo ideas, inventions, design, initiative that will have a beneficial impact on environment
    - Autonomous Sailing Vessel by Artemis Technology
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