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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Isixula, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Greetings all
    Firstly well done to this forum as it comes up in all of my searches regarding remodeling and rebuilding of a boat and my recent lurking through some of your posts has now led me to join. i hope we shall have a long and fruitful journey:D

    I recently bought a trailer which had this cathedral/trihull boat on it.
    The boat is a 13ft Seacraft Corsair manufactured around 1974/5. It's most recent use was from a beach into a large tidal estuary in New Zealand. Its rated for a 20-30 hp engine

    As a somewhat obsessed fly fisherman, i want to remodel this into something that is similar to the USA bass boat style/Aussie Quintrex style.
    I'm looking for space between 2 anglers and clean decks to not foul lines.I plan to use it on lakes and rivers and coastal inshore/harbour environments.

    Thankfully i have a mate who has previously built fiberglass boats to assist and guide me through the project.

    This is where i am now.
    Cut the upper section away and have cleaned the middle stringer and the plan is to raise the height of the other 2 stringers to then lay a new floor.

    A couple of questions.
    1. I would like to find a design tool to play with the layout of the deck
    2. Based on my intended usage, do i stick with a tiller steer or low side/centre consol design. bearing in mind that this NZ and we can all kinds of weather in one day.

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    First of all, Welcome to the forum.

    Your post has been here and has received no responses. That is odd because we usually jump right onto a new posting. Do not take the lack of immediate attention personally.

    That is a cute little boat. It appears that you have done a good job of removing some of the previous interior. Your idea about raising the stringers to the level of the middle stringer, or keelson is a good idea. That will add some weight but it will also provide a firm base for the floor.

    It might be tempting to fill the void under the floor with foam. Most of us here would advise against that idea. That is because sooner or later the foam will absorb water, and in some cases, promote rot of any wood that it touches. On the other hand foam would be an effective sound deadener which might be good if the fish you pursue are easily spooked. Foam or no foam make the floor in such a way that it can be removed easily. Underfloor space will collect fish guts, baby dolls, brickbats and all sorts of things. Make it convenient to clean all that stuff out of there.

    While you are at it, by all means explore the stringers. Most of the time those stringers will be glass over wood. Boats as old as that one are famous for having those wood parts be rotted. Even more important, the transom almost surely has a wooden, probably plywood, core. Drill some holes and explore the condition of that wood. Worst case scenario, you'll have to replace the transom innards.

    A tiller steering rig is far more simple and less expensive than a forward steering station might be. Not only that but you will not lose any fishing space in the rest of the boat by keeping it simple.

    Keep us informed of your progress.
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